Meet The Maker

My name is Will and I am the sole craftsman of Newham Knives. I create high performance handmade kitchen and utility knives with quality materials and close attention to detail. Each blade is carefully and precisely constructed and finished to create not only a durable and functional knife but a beautiful one as well.  

I grew up around a workshop and have always had a love of woodwork and making things with my hands. After graduating with a Masters of Architecture and spending a few years working and travelling across Europe and north Africa, i returned home and after years of dreaming of being able to make knives, in 2017, I finally began to teach myself. With a passion for design and functionality, combined with years of hospitality experience (uni life hey!) this has helped as a foundation for the skills and knowledge needed to make these products. 

I know make knives part-time from home in Howden, Tasmania with the support of my partner Nelle and son Rupert.