Knife Care

Newham Knives have been designed and made with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that this knife if properly cared for will serve you for years to come.

To maintain your new knife and keep it performing at its best: -

No dishwashers

Edge maintenance- I recommend a ceramic sharpening rod to maintain the edge. When sharpening, a 1000 stone is a good starting point so as to avoid losing too much material too quickly on thin edged blades. Remember to avoid chipping a thin edge, a knife is designed to cut and slice, not hack and twist.

Storage- I recommend magnetic wall strips as the edge is protected unlike in a drawer or knife block.

Handle- please avoid prolonged submersion in water. if required please buff with beeswax as this will help protect the timber as well as maintain the glassy finish

Sheaths- the knife must be put away dry and if storing for prolonged periods, it is recommended to oil the blade. Leatherwork should be maintained and waterproofed with beeswax or conditioner as needed.