Knife Care

Every Newham handmade knife is made with precision and attention to detail and with a little care they will last for years to come. Here are a few tips to keep your new Newham knife performing and looking its best:

  • Slice don’t pry. The performance of your Newham knife relies upon a combination of factors, one of which is a fine edge. As with all quality knives be mindful of cutting foods that are not suited to the particular blade such as bones and frozen foods.
  • No Dishwashers, the same can be said for any knife.
  • Keeping the blade and handle dry between uses will ensure longevity, limit patina on carbon blades and protect the handle from any unnecessary moisture build up. This is as simple as wiping down and drying your knife after each use and not letting the blade sit dirty for extended periods on carbon blades. As your carbon knives age, they will form a protective patina from various acidic foods.
  • Edge Maintenance. Keeping your knife sharp will ensure continued performance and enjoyment. A ceramic sharpening steel is useful for light edge touch ups and Waterstones such as a 1000/6000 combo are great for sharpening the knife. Timber end grain cutting boards are also the best way to keep the edge as sharp as possible for as long as possible during use.
  • Handle Maintenance. Overtime the handle may begin to dull slightly and show signs of wear. A coat of fresh oil and light buff will return the handle to its full glory. Beeswax is a great food safe option for an addition layer of protection.
  • Knives are best stored somewhere the edge is protected. Magnetic knife racks are a fantastic way to store, protect and display your knives. Make sure the knife is dry and if storing for a prolonged period, apply a thin coat of food safe oil to protect the blade.


  • Make sure the knife and sheath are dry and clean before putting a knife away to ensure debris does not become lodged inside the sheath or that the knife does not rust if left for prolonged periods.
  • Leatherwork will need to be maintained depending on use with a suitable waterproof conditioner or beeswax buffed into the surface. Timber Saya can be treated as a knife handle and oiled as required.

Magnetic Knife Racks

  • Magnetic knife racks will benefit from a light coat of food safe oil occasionally depending on how exposed to moisture and sunlight they are.
  • A light buff will help keep the rack looking its best.