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Spicy White Breadknife with Hamon

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One of a kind 255mm serrated breadknife in Spicy White (26c3), a high carbon steel capable of high hardness and keen edge retention. This blade has been differnetialy hardened with a tested edge hardness of 60hrc. 

This knife is possibly the only breadknife I will ever make (never say never!) and was made to challenge my skills as a knifemaker as well as investigate the technical aspects of making a serrated blade. As such I had a lot of fun with the design and this is not your typical breadknife. 

The blade has a nicely defined hamon with some light ashi dropping down from the points of the hardening line, this was to compliment the serrated blade and amplify the overall aggressive nature of the cutting edge.

The spine thickness of this knife does have a nice distal taper, something not commonly found on a traditional breadknife and tapers from 2.3mm to 0.8mm near the tip. This makes for a lightweight blade that stays straight and true through the crustiest of loaves. 

The handle features some stunning stabilized Redwood burl with a micro-facetted brass bolster to ensure a comfortable handle for decades to come.

This knife includes a padded case for safe travel and includes FREE shipping worldwide via DHL Express. 

Tech specs:

Steel: 'Spicy White' 26c3
Tested Hardness: 60 HRC 
Total length: 400mm
Handle length: 142mm
Length of cutting edge: 255mm
Blade height at heel: 42mm
Spine thickness -  
    Above heel: 2.3mm 
    Midway: 1.3mm
    10mm before tip: 0.7mm
Weight: 168g 

Please note this is a high hardness, keen edged high performance knife and as such care must be taken to protect the edge (i.e. please do not cut frozen foods).