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54mm Utility Scalpel

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This is a unique utility scalpel designed and made to be used in the kitchen and in and around the house. The knife is made of a solid piece of Nitro-V stainless steel, a premium steel renowned for its fine grain structure and ability to take an extremely keen edge. The knife is 4mm at the thickest part of the handle and tapers towards the end of the handle and the blade and has a number of brass and copper pins.

This keen little companion comes in useful for a number of things and comes with a leather slip sheath for protection whilst in transport. The utility is high performance packed into a lightweight 60g knife. The spine has been lightly polished at 800g with the flats and blade finished to 400g with a 4k polished cutting edge. 

Tech specs:
Steel: Nitro-V stainless steel
Tested Hardness: 61.5 HRC 
Total length: 205mm
Cutting Edge: 54mm
Thickness: 4.1mm
Weight: 60g