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Rainbow Clad Gyuto

Rainbow Clad Gyuto

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240mm gyuto made from Takefu Yushoku san mai with a v-gin 1 semi stainless core. 

This blade has a thin and darkly etched core with alternating layers of copper, brass and stainless steel with a hammer textured finish on the bevels. The spine and choil are mirror polished and the edge sharpened to 4k.

The handle is birdseye Ebony with brass heirloom-fit bolster. 

This knife includes free shipping internationally with additional options at checkout. 

Tech specs:

Steel: Takefu Vgin1 Core Yushoku
Tested Hardness: 62 HRC
Total length: 388mm
Length of cutting edge: 240mm
Blade height at heel: 56mm
Handle length: 141mm
Spine thickness -  
    Above heel: 3.2mm 
    Midway: 2.4mm
    10mm before tip: 0.3mm
Weight: 210g 

Please note this is a high hardness, keen edged high performance knife and as such care must be taken to protect the edge (i.e. please do not cut frozen foods). 

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