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155mm Petty in Nitro-V

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This petty/utility knife is a versatile little kitchen knife, with a 155mm cutting edge. The blade is handmade from Nitro-V, a premium fine grained stainless steel developed by Knifemakers for its high hardness and toughness combined with its ability to hold an extremely keen edge, whilst being easy to sharpen.

This blade has been heat treated with a cryogenic cycle to a final tested hardness of 62.5hrc. It has been convex ground with near continuous distal taper to create an extremely fine and sharp cutting edge. The primary bevels have been finished with an 800g satin hand rubbed finish with polished spine and choil for comfort. The edge has been sharped to 4k on whetstones. 

The handle is a western style hidden tang with a stabilised Ancient Redgum bolster, brass spacer and figured Dead Finish. The handle shape sits comfortably in the palm of the hand whilst also ensuring flexibility thanks to the tapered handle shape. The knife balances in-line with the bolster and weighs a total of 99g, ensuring lightweight high performance. 

This knife also comes with a hand-stitched leather saya, that has been patterned to complement the knife. 

Tech specs:
Steel: Nitro-V stainless steel
Tested Hardness: 62.5 HRC 
Grind: Convex primary bevels
Total length: 295mm
Handle length: 130mm
Length of cutting edge: 155mm
Blade height at heel: 40mm
Spine thickness -  
    Above heel: 2.64mm 
    Midway: 2mm
    10mm before tip: 0.65mm
Weight: 99g 

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