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52100 Gyuto

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232mm gyuto in 52100 carbon steel.  

This blade has been convex ground for food release with continuous distal taper from 3.8mm to an extremely fine tip at 0.4mm 1cm before the tip. The spine and choil have been rounded and mirror polished and the edge sharpened to 4k on whetstones.

The handle is a stunning piece of dyed and stabilized maple with a heirloom fit brass bolster. 

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Tech specs:

Steel: 52100 Carbon Steel
Tested Hardness: 63.5 HRC
Total length: 383mm
Length of cutting edge: 232mm
Blade height at heel: 56mm
Handle length: 143mm
Spine thickness -  
    Above heel: 3.8mm 
    Midway: 2.1mm
    10mm before tip: 0.4mm
Weight: 229g 

Please note this is a high hardness, keen edged high performance knife and as such care must be taken to protect the edge (i.e. please do not cut frozen foods).